Kim Seoni


I’ve been involved in Montessori education since 2001. Through my very own children’s experiences as Montessori students completing the Montessori 3-year cycle, as a mom, I witnessed the deep learning that happened daily through the Montessori Method. It provided valuable life skills, nurtured my children’s unique needs, talents and skills, supported innate urges inherent to each one, and motivated them in a non-competitive, peaceful prepared environment.  As an involved parent, my interest in, and commitment to, the Montessori educational philosophy grew as I researched and studied Dr. Maria Montessori and her scientific pedagogy which has proven successful worldwide. My respect for the Montessori learning method became my lifestyle approach and created a lasting, positive impact for our whole family!

I earned an Early Childhood Montessori Certification through MACTE, have been a Montessori Early Childhood Primary lead teacher and business owner since 2005, a contributing member of the International Montessori Council, involved with school membership in NAMTA, American Montessori Society, Montessori Schools of Maryland since 2007, and most recently, the Maryland State Child Care Association. I continue to pursue professional growth and development opportunities to advocate for young children, for professionals in early child care workforce, and for early childhood education in our state!

I founded  Children’s House at Holly Hill in Montgomery County and later, a second location under the name of Meadows Montessori in Frederick County. I completed my Master’s degree in Montessori Leadership in 2017! To strike a balance between professional and personal needs, I spend time in nature, with family and friends, reading inspirational and spiritual books, enjoy yoga, meditation, and quiet moments to myself.  My greatest accomplishments are as a mom to our daughter and son (both of whom graduated the summer of 2020 w/COVID-19 pandemic), and a wife of 28 years!

With our Meadows Family, I value the meaningful connections I’ve made over the years, especially true during this time of uncertainty that accompanies the worldwide pandemic. It’s not a cliche’: it truly takes a village!!! I welcome your questions, comments, feedback and/or ideas on how we at Meadows Montessori can partner with you to ensure best possible outcomes for the children and our school’s long-term success!

Thank you for your trust, support, and commitment to raising your children the Montessori way.  Please learn more about Dr. Montessori, her life and work; let’s grow…change…learn as we continue our journey together at Meadows Montessori.