Pre-Primary Education

As a private school featuring pre-primary preschool daycare in Frederick, MD, our trained educators take pride in making sure children receive the best education and child care in this period of rapid change and growth.

Our Pre-Primary Preschool Daycare helps children develop a love of learning and the Arts. Our Montessori-trained staff helps guide children through the active exploration of themselves as well as family and the world around them. Throughout this process, they develop a love of knowledge as they become prepared to enter our Primary Education Program. The mind, or “psychic embryo” as Dr. Montessori called it, is constructed during the first three years of life.

The Montessori teacher is a trained observer of children’s learning and behavior and uses her knowledge of child development and teaching skills to help the child’s learning with a new lesson, a fresh challenge, or a reinforcement of basic ground rules. Whenever a child makes a mistake, the teacher refrains, if possible, from intervening and allows him to discover his own error through further manipulation of the self-correcting material. This practice agrees with Dr. Montessori’s principle that a child learns through experience. The focus of activity in the Montessori setting is on children’s learning. Children work individually or in small, self-directed groups. There are very few whole group lessons.

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The development of the child during the first three years after birth is unequaled in intensity and importance by any period that precedes or follows in the whole life of the child.

Dr. Maria Montessori


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