Welcome Parents

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Ms. Jennifer’s Bio:
Inspired by art and my inner drives to create beautiful things I attended Rowan University, a liberal arts college in Southern New Jersey, a school that has a renowned art program. It was my intention to earn a degree in fine arts. However after my second semester as a student a professor pointed out my natural abilities to work with children. It was then that I decided to earn my B.A. in Secondary Education specializing in Art for Primary through 12th grade. I graduated in 2007.

Between the years of 2002 and 2010 I worked with an international maritime organization; Det Norske Veritas. I was able to sustain employment with Det Norske Veritas full time during college breaks and full time from 2008 to 2010 as their Communications Coordinator. In this position, I helped develop valuable organization and administrative skills as well as creating graphic design work for their website, advertisements and video production. I coordinated their participation in trade shows in multiple states learning how to work with companies and organizations across the world to bring together everything needed for the events. But my true love was still to work with children.

In 2010 I relocated to Cleveland Ohio where I reconnected with my first love, art education. During my first year in Cleveland I held a volunteer position at the Rainey Institute where every Wednesday I worked as the lead Art teacher for their fine arts program teaching two classes, one for six through nine year olds and the other teaching nine through 12 year olds. My talents with multi-aged groups of children were recognized by the program director who recommended me to a Montessori school when he knew of a position opening.

My time with the Rainey Institute was wonderful, and I was sad to leave them after the year ended. But my next venture began at the Hudson Montessori School, in Hudson Ohio. I began at the school in the winter of 2010 when they had asked me to come teach in their art expressions program for 7th and 8th graders. Then in August 2011 I was hired on full time as an Assistant teacher in a 4th-6th level classroom. I was hired because of my love for Art! I was encouraged to bring in all of my artistic skills and talent into the classroom. I really enjoyed all that I was doing with my students in the classroom. If the school needed someone to step in for the lower elementary teachers I was always excited to do so. Through out my time with Hudson Montessori I wore many hats, teaching in either lower elementary, upper elementary and even the middle school, helping organize book fairs, Teach ins, auction projects, community service projects and much more.

This past July I relocated to Maryland to attend the Washington Montessori Institute at Loyola in Columbia to earn my Montessori Masters degree in elementary education for ages six through 12. Living in Maryland has been a wonderful experience and I am really looking forward to continuing my Montessori journey with Meadow’s Montessori as I work with the administration, the teaches and of course the parents building the elementary program.

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