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At Meadows Montessori, we feel deeply that the child is truly a miraculous being and encourage each child to explore the wonders around him, helping him make discoveries with his hands, his head, and his heart. We provide care that helps children build social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative skills, while cultivating the whole child.  

Meadows Montessori is dedicated to offering a wealth of learning opportunities that will awaken and nurture the child’s curious spirit within a warm and peaceful family environment, as an extension of the child’s home life.

Meadows Montessori recognizes the uniqueness of each child and responds to these individual strengths and needs to help develop skills at periods of greatest readiness and sensitivity. Our whole focus is on respect and partnership, creating an environment in which children learn naturally, learn in harmony with one another, and learn to release their human potential. 

Our standards promote inclusive practices for children with and without special health care needs or disabilities.  All children have the same access to learning experiences, routines, and play activities at Meadows Montessori; we believe all children benefit from participating in a responsive learning environment that takes each individual child’s uniqueness into account and focuses on his/her strengths.

We celebrate diversity and strive to instill compassion, integrity, and confidence in each child, fostering a deep sense of personal independence and social responsibility. We provide a supportive learning environment that helps children build social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative skills, offering an “education for life.”


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