Primary Education

As a private preschool in Frederick, MD, Meadows Montessori offers primary child day care and education for children ages 2.5 – 6. Our Primary Preschool Department is specially designed to encourage the natural, developing interests of children in a positive, non-competitive Montessori environment. Our students learn how to be creative, responsible, and independent, receiving everything they need in order to advance.

The Montessori program fosters the child natural learning and sense of order by providing an ordered environment; providing materials that will help the child gain large and small motor control; helping the child enrich his language skills; providing concrete materials to improve the child’s mathematical skills; aiding the child’s independence by allowing the child freedom within limits. The child will practice and develop the ability to observe, analyze, discriminate, find patterns and relationships, and build a foundation of knowledge about the attributes of reality. The child will return to the materials many times to enhance conceptual thinking which leads to abstract thought and development of creative intelligence.

A child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.

Dr. Maria Montessori


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Meadows Montessori is Frederick County’s best Montessori School offering the best in curriculum, environment and instructors. It’s been amazing to watch our daughter thrive in the environment.
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