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  • "grow... change...learn" the Montessori Way!

    "grow... change...learn" the Montessori Way!

    "There are many ‘famous’ people that attended a Montessori school in some stage of their life. While one can argue, that there are many successful people who were not exposed to Montessori education, interesting is that many of those who attended Montessori school praise it as one of the important success factors."

    Famous People Educated at Montessori schools:
    Larry Page and Sergey Brin – founders of Google
    Jeff Bezos – founder of
    Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis – former first lady (John F. Kennedy)
    Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs – singer
    Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince
    T. Berry Brazelton – pediatrician and author
    Julia Child – author, chef, TV cooking shows
    Elizabeth Berridge – actress
    Kami Cotler – actress
    Melissa and Sarah Gilbert – actors
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Nobel Prize winner for Literature
    Katherine Graham – ex-owner of the Washington Post
    Anne Frank – author, diarist from World War II
    Retrieved from

    As educators and a leaders, we are encouraging the heart everyday.


  • Meadows Montessori Videography

    Meadows Montessori Videography

    Click to view the Meadows Montessori Video to have a glimse into our classrooms and feel the compassion of our students and teachers.


  • Let there be Peace on Earth

    Let there be Peace on Earth

    "Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war." - Dr. Montessori
    Montessori spent her later years traveling the world and spreading the ideas of her scientific pedagogy; she was nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes!
    "Peace is what every human is craving for and it can be brought about by the humanity through the child." -Maria Montessori

    "A unique type of child appears, a 'new child'; but really it is the child's true "personality" allowed to construct itself normally."
    -Maria Montessori


Welcome to Meadows Montessori in Frederick, MD.


Meadows Montessori opened in 2010 as Frederick, Maryland’s only authentic Montessori preschool for infants and children through first grade. To tour our school,send inquiries to


Our state validated & licensed school offers child care and an educational curriculum based on Maria Montessori, her methodology and philosophy.


MSDE has approved us as a non-public school based on our certified teachers having college education and a Montessori credential, as well as our full range of Montessori materials. 


Meadows Montessori is affiliated with the International Montessori Council and North American Montessori Teacher's Association (NAMTA). Don’t settle on a day care environment for your child.


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  • Happy Norooz! Cultural celebration of the Iranian New Year

    Happy Norooz! Cultural celebration of the Iranian New Year

    We LOVE cultural celebrations! A beautiful presentation about the symbolism, traditions, and importance of this important Iranian holiday beginning on the first day of Spring!

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  • New construction complete!

    New construction complete!

    We are so pleased with the additional space to our school that includes private conference area, staff lounge, and storage space.

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  • Fall Festival 2014

    Fall Festival 2014

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