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Nurturing Montessori Foundations

As a private school offering pre-primary Montessori preschool in Frederick, MD, we are committed to nurturing young minds during this critical period of rapid change and growth. Our dedicated Montessori educators provide personalized attention and support, creating a warm and encouraging environment where children can flourish. By adhering to Montessori principles, we emphasize the importance of early childhood education, recognizing its profound influence on a child’s overall development. Our approach encourages independence, self-motivation, and a natural love for learning in each child.

Inspiring Exploration and Creativity

Our Pre-Primary program cultivates a love of learning and the arts. With guidance from our Montessori-trained staff, children actively explore their own skills and the world around them. This journey not only ignites their passion for knowledge but also prepares them for our Primary Education Program. Embracing Dr. Montessori’s principle that the mind is constructed during the first three years of life, our teachers observe and support children’s learning, encouraging self-discovery and experience-based learning. The Montessori environment focuses on individual and small group activities, promoting self-directed learning and minimizing whole group instruction. We invite you to visit our Pre-Primary classrooms to witness firsthand the engaging and enriching educational experience we provide for young learners.

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