Lower Elementary Education


Montessori Lower Elementary for ages 6-9 (1st – 3rd grade)

The Elementary Montessori curriculum is extraordinarily comprehensive and perfectly suited to the needs of 6-9 year olds. Passionately interested in the world around them, students in the Lower Elementary classroom are excited and ready to learn. Children this age are very curious and very social. A “there’s always more” atmosphere exists as children delve deeply into their work searching constantly to find out all they can. Children research answers to their questions from lessons using classroom materials and community resources. And when they cannot find more from what is in the classroom we tell them how they can go out into the community to find, interview and report their information to their classmates. While the Montessori Toddler and Primary classrooms are known for a ‘quiet hum’ as children work individually or in pairs, the Elementary classroom is known for the sounds of high-spirited students working and learning together in groups.

The Elementary teacher uses “The Great Stories” as a springboard for interdisciplinary learning. Each of these lessons is a jumping-off point to key academic areas. These stories spark the imagination of Elementary students and give them a context for further study. Instead of approaching schoolwork as discrete subjects, Montessori Elementary students discover the interrelationship between topics and understand how biology, math, language, geography, geometry and history are important. We call this cosmic education. This reflects the way the world really operates and how adults solve problems.

As students move up in the Elementary program, the Montessori studies become increasingly complex and abstract as the students’ minds and capabilities develop. The Meadow’s Elementary program is a great place to ‘learn how to learn’ and lay a strong academic foundation for their future. We continuously give the children challenges and opportunities to expand upon what they already know. As we say here at Meadow’s the learning is endless because there is always more!

Socially the students develop strong bonds. Because these students are together for so long, they also hone their social skills, develop empathy and build long lasting friendships. It is our hope that the Elementary students will leave Meadows remarkably confident and poised and ready for the next step to continue to learn.

We are proud to have received our Certificate of Approval by the MSDE and the City of Frederick for a lower elementary program which we are able to relaunch at anytime.  For more information about any of our programs or to schedule a tour, please contact us! Enrollments are happening now!

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