What is spirituality to me?

Spirituality, for me, means a deep and everlasting quest to connect with the Supreme Being and growing into my best self.  It means thoughtful introspection and reflection to learn more about myself and my purpose, taking time on a daily basis to be still and silent, to ponder and question the mysteries of the universe and my place in it with connection to all, spending time in and having reverence for nature, honoring life in all forms, respecting and learning more about others whose life experiences and beliefs may differ from my own, and being accountable to myself to find my own truth. Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
My spiritual journey began to challenge me in my late teens and early 20s when I entered into a relationship with Tanuj (aka TJ) Seoni who was of a different cultural and religious background than me.  I was a Christian and he a Hindu; so began a very long process of soul searching that started with my questioning what I valued, believed and felt in my heart and soul to be right.  It involved deep personal conversations that were often emotion-filled, involving religious counseling, experimenting with different faith institutions/places of worship, reading spiritual and holy books, learning more about Eastern values and traditions/thinking/lifestyle, opening up myself to find answers to very serious questions, and contemplating life’s mysteries.  
Because of this experience, I found truth for me.  This relationship, as well as all the human relationships I encounter, was the evolutionary tool for me to grow into my greatest potential.  It has resulted in a spiritual bond over the last 27 years and a happy marriage of 18 years with my soul-mate.  We deeply love and respect each other and we do not judge or try to change the other but sincerely appreciate, accept, and embrace both our differences and our similarities.  Over the years, we have grown together in love and spirit along with our two children, Shivali and Eeshaan, 15 and 12 years old respectively.  We uphold and celebrate both our Eastern and Western cultures.  Our family attends Sunday services at the Chinmaya Mission in Silver Spring where we are part of a loving community with the mission “to provide to individuals from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors to society”. 
As a first-time parent looking into Montessori when our daughter was about three years old, Aline Wolf’s book, Nurturing the Spirit in non-sectarian classrooms resonated with me and continues to be one of my all-time favorites!  It highlights Dr. Montessori’s emphasis on spiritual development, the true essence of the child, on a belief system that connects us all together and to the universe, to a higher power, and on spirituality inside the Montessori classroom. As you’re aware, our classrooms are a microcosm of the larger global macrocosm of society.
My spiritual journey continues to offer me self-awareness and has opened the door to greater insight and transformation.  Through my daily practice of meditation, I plant my intentions into the field of all possibilities.  I am grateful for each person in my life, providing an opportunity for me to learn about myself and others, and practice being the kind of person I hope to attract into my life. I embrace all of who I am and all the possibilities that follow.  Namaste!
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Right now, I am passionate about:
1. Being a peacemaker
2. Daily reflective and renewal practices
3. A life of wellbeing
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