Payton Sexton

Room 3

My name is Payton Sexton, most importantly I am a mother of two, 10 year old Harmony and 2 almost 3 year old Sydney. I will be getting married to my dream come true in July 2018. I am also an assistant teacher for Ms Timmesha. I have been with Meadows for 5 years come February 2018. Prior to joining the Meadows family I went to Middletown High School where I started my education journey and received my 90 hour by taking many classes, teaching preschool inside of the high school, taking the Teaching Academy at brunswick high, and learning a lot along the way. During that process I also student taught in a 3rd grade class at Middletown elementary School. Once I graduated in 2010 I attended Shepherd University in West Virginia and majored in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Special education. I worked at a few non education jobs until I came across meadows montessori. I am so happy to have found Meadows and the family I have gained within the staff and all of the children and their families. I continue each day to learn more to better myself and help educate your children in many different ways. I look forward to many years to come to continue to work with the children who come through Meadows and help them grow as not only children and students but as individuals. As Maria Montessori once said “Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world”, that is my goal for your child among many other things!