4 Corners of Conversation

THANK YOU to all who attended our Kinder Rally – 4 Corners of Conversation Alumni parents and Meadows families participated
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How was our journey to parenthood?

  Gloria, Van holding Grace, Tyler, and Bing holding Roland We are here in Tennessee on Thanksgiving waiting for the
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What Is My Breaking Point?

Remember when Jerry Seinfeld was giving advice on how George should break up with Marlene? Jerry wisely exclaimed “You should
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Why Do I Blog?

I started Tall Babies as blog about pregnancy / parenting a baby / parenting two babies / parenting two kids.  Back in 2008, pregnancy and imminent...
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How do our roots connect us to Nature?

Decades ago I met an impressive young man named Eaglebear. He was working hard with others to preserve the sacred
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What is spirituality to me?

Spirituality, for me, means a deep and everlasting quest to connect with the Supreme Being and growing into my best [...]
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Where does the past and the future meet? Upcycling creativity with homemade cards.

What I didn’t completely grasp before having kids was that one of the most joyful parts of having children is
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Nourishment beyond food?

Follow your path. Listen to your intuition. It’s often easier said than done. Harnessing your intuitive senses can be challenging,
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Why didn’t I just listen to my mother?

In the early days of June, my son, Harrison Michael, graduated from the Primary Program at Meadows Montessori. Of that
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Retrospect: How do you win the hearts of 3 year olds?

Going into the new school year, I was looking forward to meeting my new group of students and their parents. 
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Meadows Montessori is Frederick County’s best Montessori School offering the best in curriculum, environment and instructors. It’s been amazing to watch our daughter thrive in the environment.
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