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Meadows Montessori is one of a few unique Montessori schools in Maryland that offer this learning method specifically for infants and children through the elementary age.   We are licensed through the State of Maryland to offer care for infants through school-age children, approved by Office of Child Care with an Educational Program for children 2 – 6 years old, and by Maryland State Department of Education to offer a non-public educational program for kindergarteners through 3rd grade.  Our school offers programs to meet the developmental needs of children in these age groups.  We know that the brain, like any muscle, develops through active use.  This is especially true in the years of early childhood.  We help children develop physical, social, emotional, mental and cognitive skills that will aid them in life.

Children in the Montessori classroom are motivated from within by a natural curiosity and love for knowledge; absorbing information from an enriched and prepared environment.   Acquiring information in this way is a natural and joyful activity for the child who employs all his senses to investigate his interesting surroundings.  Dr. Montessori emphasized that the hand instructs the intelligence and the child develops concentration by fixing his/her attention on some task he/she is performing with the hands.  In this way, the child learns “hands on” with manipulative materials.